Share your art with the world

In the same way that the effect of any work of art on an individual can go far beyond its physical frame, the same concept should be applied to the physical space in which the work of art is displayed. At Art Wowyu, your works of art are displayed in a virtual world than transcends national boundaries, languages and cultural differences.

By reaching out to an international market, you will have the opportunity to increase your exposure as an artist.

How our service works

  1. Display your art on our website with a photo, description and purchase price.
  2. When a buyer shows interest in purchasing your art, we will contact them to confirm the total purchase price (purchase price + shipping fee + insurance).
  3. The buyer will pay the full amount to Art Wowyu.
  4. We will contact you to arrange shipping with one of the reputable worldwide shipping companies we use (note all the shipping fees and insurance will be paid by the buyer directly to Art Wowyu).
  5. When the art arrives at the buyer’s destination, we will contact the buyer to ensure they are satisfied.
  6. Art Wowyu will pay you the purchase price minus a handling fee, which varies according to your membership type.


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