SiuManC (Pro artist)

Gender: Male
Year of birth: 1988

I am a Designer, most of the time is facing computer, so I did a lot computer retouching / illustration for website and graphic design...

Some time I will think that am I just a working day by day doing the same things? That is boring... before I come out to work~ I draw every day!

When I was teenager in school, I am not a good student and Hong Kong teaching programs is not really fit me~ I fail in most of the subject I took, cos every day every class I was just drawing, I draw on all the book and every page...even my classmate book:P

So day by day, I find as a designer is losing the hand drawing skill~ So at 2009 summer I think I should start to pick up painting again! I don't wanna forgot my dream, I have to keep going~!

Art Concept:

Art is a way to communicate with your soul. It is something that instills peace in you. It enables all of us to communicate and understand each other, even through the simplicity of colour. There are no borders or physical limitations. I use art as a means to express myself.

I don't have any particular reason for drawing something - it just develops from the first stroke of the brush and my feelings at the time. Sometimes, I will end up with a painting synonymous with the impressionist period, whereas on other occasions, my paintings will portray a more realistic outcome.

My latest work, Escape, provokes a feeling of insecurity at first sight. The colours also create a sense of loneliness and helplessness.  However, the illusion of an opening into the world from under the table is a window of opportunity, giving hope and perseverance in times of difficulty. The impossible can seem possible and freedom can come from isolation.
Location: HONG KONG 香港, Hong Kong Island